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Pictures say a thousand words

Like what I always say, I am not much a of a writer. It’s a good thing  photography supplies my  inadequacy for words. In my case, call it insecurity but  my blogs become more readable and more valuable because of the pictures. Unlike my son RG who occasionally has a writer’s block,  I always have mine perennially. Thus, I should have an endless supply of pictures.

MM intrigued by the hat.
MM totally lost inside the hat.
MM totally lost inside  the hat.








Just by  looking at the pictures below one  could  tell that these four children are comfortable around each other.

RG Guinolbay (second from the left) and David Maglente with Chio sisters.


Look at the nice splash of water!

In the two pictures below, instead of writing  Dad and his sons are communicating, there is no need to say the obvious…

In closing, I would say that photography is a major help to budding writers or trying hard to be writers like me.


The Idea of Not Having Ideas

Hello everybody. RG Guinolbay here with another article idea. This time it’s about the excuses I’ve been making because of my lack of ideas. Well aren’t you going to congratulate me? I mean,I’ve been trying to write something out of nothing.

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I wanted myself to be in the picture. After all this is my article.

Well,the fact that I don’t have ideas makes it already an idea for me also worth writing about. It seems that most writers have these things called “writing blocks”, which completely removes any writing ideas you have. As time goes by,you remember your idea before but now you have a new one. So for any writers reading this, I suggest you carry a pen or pencil and  a sketchpad or notepad. Also,whenever you come across an experience,such as in my 3-Day Trip To Baler,you instantly write it so that when you come back to your trusty computer, you can write about it on your blog. I have been frantically panicking on what I  would write about to keep my followers following me. My job on the internet is to make an idea out of thin air.

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This is me as I write this article.

So in conclusion, write down your experiences,keep writing and Like,Comment And Subscribe.