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What If Time Travel Was Possible by RG Guinolbay

I know some of you have seen time travel movies. I will give you some time travel devices from the movies I have seen:

A Time Travel Device from Men In Black 3.
A Time Travel Device from Men In Black 3.
A car I would love to have, a DeLorian.
A car I would love to have, a De Lorian from Back To The Future Series.
Time Travel Machine from the movie Terminator.

But those are in the movies. How about in real life? We are getting closer every century to actually having it. Think about it,we could fix mistakes,change the course of history and even win the lottery. But it also has its bad side. For example: Hitler could have ruled over us during the 80s instead of the 1930s, We could not have not discovered computers. Further, bad politicians could have ruled over us today and we would not be able to survive. Worse of all, you could accidentally make your parents never meet; hence, the end of your existence.slim-face

So I think it would be better to not have any time travel device in the future. You could have made history very hard for us to understand. Oh,and if you have time,check out the series below because they are my favorites:

The End