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Painting Again

I never knew I could paint again until I tried. It’s been two decades since I picked up the brush and the palette. In this day and age of confusion, art is a great  stress reliever: or is it? Art is considered a stress reliever if you are not being commissioned to do it. Meaning, you are not time bound nor pressured to finish the painting tailor made according to the client’s specifications.   It’s a good thing that lawyering, my main profession, is not similar to  painting in which the client almost always can dictate the outcome.

Here we are during the opening of the Art Exhibit.

On 24 April 2017, around 20 listed and declared artists in our office convened and showcased their painting/artistic talents. I was among the privileged to showcase my two artworks. Here are my contributions:

From left to right: Let it blow, let it blow (Snowflakes) and The Prophecy of Simon (Jesus)

Your eyes do not deceive you. The featured image resemble the painting at the right. The earlier artwork was done in watercolor and painted by yours truly 23 years ago. It is more detailed and admittedly, more beautiful than the recent copy. Painstakingly reproducing it brought frustration and immense difficulty because the goal was to produce a better or clearer version of my earlier masterpiece. Reproducing it was in itself a journey. Imagining does not translate well into canvass if its rarely done. Focusing on that thought and thereafter releasing it through movement onto the canvass are two different things. You will be surprised that I literally prayed to Jesus (in my painting) to allow me to finish the painting in time for the Art exhibit. The recent copy although it is not as detailed as the original,  is not entirely a failure.  I merely  allowed my emotions to dictate what comes out: not mind. If I may say so, although I meant for the recent copy to look like the original, what turned out was  – just an expression of my soul.

After finishing the two paintings in eight days, I never expect I would actually be excited to finish some more.

This is me with fellow lawyer, Atty. Jannel Cajote during the art workshop under Fidel Sarmiento.


I have yet to meet somebody who is not pleased with a piece of art. Human beings naturally prefer beautiful things.

On September 30, 2016, my sons and I went to our usual favorite hang out at Gudsilog only to be confronted with the sad news that it was their last day of operation.

Gudsilog Restaurant

Well, there is really nothing special about this place unless you are a human being who likes eating Filipino breakfast all day long.  The meal prices are reasonable-  ranging from Php70-99 pesos.In dollars, a meal costs about a dollar and a half. Not bad, right?  But for me and my boys not only do we enjoy the food for hours, we pass time by enjoying the artwork which hangs on its walls. See these:

Notice the artwork in our background. A closer look :


Well,  it’s nothing compared to Mona Lisa or Spoliarium but I must admit the artist put in a lot of hard work considering the details.

This  particular Gudsilog branch where my boys and I usually go already closed down because of its inability to compete with the very famous  and likewise reasonable restaurant beside it. So what’s the point? Well, there are plenty of places to go to admire art. One such place is the Art Island Cubao in Quezon City. In Art Island, you can actually be a part of the artwork. To do this, you  must be armed with a camera or your mobile phone with camera. Here are our chosen artworks:

However, in my case when I barely have the money to go to museums, I amuse myself by  making my own art with whatever materials available.

Angry Suha


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