It is often said that countenance based emotion conveys more than body movements.In the picture below, apart from father and son bear resemblance to each other,their faces express security and contentment.

Col. Ruben Guinolbay with his son,Miguel.

In the picture below, different faces show delicately complex and understated emotions ranging from happy to unexplained disgust.VARYING FACES.jpg

Good thing, apps were invented to mask or remedy one’s facial expression.App is  short for application or software downloaded by the user.  In the series of pictures, note  how my face vary because of the app snapchat. Thus:

See that? However, just like any advancement in technology, apps has its positive and negative side. The positive side of using apps in your pictures is it makes presentation and entertainment a lot easier. The down side of it is it makes app users lazy and less innovative. Well, I don’t think that will be my problem because first and foremost, I am an artist. Creative juices run through my veins.

Who would have thought?

So what is the point of this article? In the ancient times, if you want to have a strong photo, you make sure that your picture either tells a story or  should have nice backdrop with proper lighting. It takes a lot of season and practice to be able to come up with a very nice picture. Thanks to apps, our selfies would always look good.


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