Wearing Green Part II

IMG20180308104052.jpgMy  blogger son  always adored my job as a lawyer and vowed to be one, when he grows up. That is true until the day  his  father arrived with these camouflage uniforms and unsurprisingly, he can’t keep his hands  off them.  Finally, a full camouflage uniform! All boys (and even girls) dream of wearing this-crazy,  puzzle like,  leaf shaped patterns.

During the 1930s, only soldiers and policemen were allowed to wear camouflage uniforms.Uniforms were invented for the purpose of identifying the wearer as a member of the army, police or a school. It is even considered a crime if you wear a uniform in false pretense.IMG20180308105451 Although the uniform serves as a warning to the public that the wearer is a soldier or a member of the police force, it could be a fashion hindrance for people who desire to stand out in a crowd.  Of course standing out is antithetical to most military strategies. The idea is to blend in or blend with the environment.  To achieve this, soldiers don the camouflage.

In the Philippines, camouflage shirts and pants are as ubiquitous like maya birds! The fatigue/camouflage has become a fashion statement not only for families with soldier relatives but more so, by tricycle drivers.

This was our trike driver on our way to the Church.

The country’s  then vice president was previously threatened with a case for wearing the camouflage. The case of course did not fly for the simple reason that everybody’s wearing it.

Col. Guinolbay with sons RG and MM. At the  background is Lolo Nitoy, likewise a man in uniform.

It is really easy to see why boys and tricycle drivers love the camouflage. One can’t help but feel proud or patriotic  while wearing a symbol of valor.

I hope I am not looking at the future. Although I must admit my  boys look good in green.

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