Camp Mt. Carmel, Lake Caliraya

Last weekend, my sons and I were given the  rare chance to visit mother nature. Welcome to Camp Mt. Carmel located at Lake Caliraya. Lake Caliraya is a perfect camping site. Stretching across three towns- Lumban, Cavinti and Kalayaan within the Laguna Province, this  man made lake according to our host and tour guide,  Mary Ann Lee, was made possible by the Americans sometime in the 1930s.

Although camping  belongs  to the paternal department, in my attempts to become a supermom, I  decided to give my sons a first class camping experience at Camp Mt. Carmel.  For two days, my boys were delighted to FINALLY experience camping, kayaking, paddle boating and lake swimming. I would say that we were among the privileged to  visit Camp Mt. Carmel (previously Camp Eco Saddle) thanks to Tita Maan, who is actually a registered nurse by profession but  by twist of fate, was assigned at the Legal Services Group.

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My Family with our host Tita Maan (wearing a blue rash guard)

As you can see, the rains did not prevent the boys from  enjoying the lake. Although it was raining when we arrived at the place, my sons were not at all discouraged. See the pictures below:

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MM and RG kayaking at 6:30  in the morning of 28 May 2016 .
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Kuya Ruben bringing the paddle boat to the lake  shore.
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Miguel standing  by the tent where we slept in.

ROPE: Rescue Operation Prevention Endeavor

Tita Maan, as affectionately called by her office mates, is married to Judge Ralph Lee. Judge Lee literally made waves in September 2009 by rescuing over a hundred residents trapped in their homes amidst the raging floodwaters of Ondoy. The Lee Family including their sons Ram and Pong usually conduct their rescue training  here at Camp Mt. Carmel, Lake Caliraya. They are part of the group called ROPE -Rescue Operation Prevention Endeavor.

Father and son tandem: Judge Lee with his son Pong Lee
Father and son tandem: Judge Lee with his son Pong Lee (above).
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This was the jetski used by Judge Lee to rescue flooded residents in 2009.


Lake Cruise:

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The author with her sons. The floating house is visible at the left side.

Camp Mt Carmel  also has a floating house propelled by a jetski motor. Well, this house can accommodate up to 25 persons. At one point, the floating house  stops to allow the visitors to take a  refreshing dip at the lake.

In closing, nature adventure does wonders for the brain, because after our two day camp at Lake Caliraya,  I was able to finish three pleadings.  My boys  and I cannot  wait to go back next summer.


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