Being Bullied by a Senior Citizen

Image result for old bully

I had my share of bullying when I was a kid. I would like to believe that most kids share my sentiments. What I didn’t expect is that I would experience bullying now that I am an adult, with the aggressor twenty to thirty years older than me. As a young lawyer back in 2004, I was yet to experience  the peculiar attitudes of senior and much older lawyers. After a grueling trial, I was in a hurry to sit in a comfortable chair only to find myself ejected by the vice president for litigation. In our local Filipino dialect she ranted on a tirade telling me to vacate the chair because it was her favorite place. Embarrassed, I left the chair and instead assumed another one  at the back of the room.  The second incident of bullying occurred when I was queuing for a train, I was the 22nd person. As I neared the teller,  a 63  year old female cut me and demanded that she go first because she is a senior citizen.  As usual, although begrudgingly, I conceded.

Today, I heard mass at 8:30 in the morning. When the priest asked the people  to stand, a senior citizen sat on my chair. I looked at her and she was unapologetic. Considering that today is supposed to be Mother’s day,  I just thought that she was probably feeling a sense of entitlement given her advanced age.  Well, in the Philippines, our laws favor senior citizens so much so that that you cannot jail them even if they have murdered someone.  For me, that is not good news. Well at least not for now.

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