Wearing Green

I like green. Plants, pea pods, fatigue and camouflage. I even collect the 200 peso bills because they are green. Had I been more than 5 feet tall, I would have entered the army just to be able to wear green. But since I am not over 5 feet, I did not even attempt to take the military entrance exam after finishing high school.  Good thing though is,  during high school, we had this Citizens Army Training or CAT. Because of CAT we were able to wear green. Look below, I am wearing a medal.CAT MEDAL What I like about the CAT is we pretend to be like soldiers. Coming from an all girl school, pretend playing is fun, if not a challenge. But what about in  real life? Running around firing guns is not fun specially if you are running to survive.  Again, as much as possible I don’t  want my children to become soldiers like their dad.

I abhor the ranks and the abusive tendencies of those at the so called “top brass”. I had a limited experience of that in my high school. But let’s face it, given the current global situation, wars left and right, CAT comes in handy. Considering that my children are only ages 10 and 8, I decided to give them  a “mini” citizens army training of sorts. At age 3, I taught them how to read. They need to read so that  they would be able to read and decode symbols. It would help also  if you  enroll your child in a day care/ school. But all the hard work and patience would depend on you as a parent. Next, they need survival skills.  At age 7, both boys were already good swimmers.  I have a related article about  swimming  in my article about Army Navy Club.  Currently, as part of their CAT, they are training to be black belts in Tae Kwon Do. In Tae Kwon Do, they are taught discipline and increased pain tolerance.

2431, 308,1,446,256,328,922,103,0
My sons are training to become blackbelts.

As part of my children’s CAT, I brought them to Intramuros, Manila. Intramuros (Walled City) is very famous for its rich  Philippine History. If you want to experience Filipino culture at a very low cost, I highly recommend this place.  Children need to understand history. In Intramuros, my children learned that before the Spaniards occupied this fort, this fort was used as  military barracks by the Muslims under Rajah Soliman.

Lastly, another reason why I chose green, is it symbolizes hope. Children must be taught how to think positive. Notwithstanding all appearances of helplessness, hope is all you need to survive.








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