What I got My Kids for Christmas

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My husband, Col. Ruben B. Guinolbay, gave our children these bikes for Christmas.


After reading my previous post, maybe you are wondering what I gave my children for Christmas.   Apart from books and polo shirts, I  gave my sons these:

Black Ops Junior Sniper
Black Ops Junior Sniper Pellet Guns

Honestly, the last thing I want my children to be, is a soldier. I have nothing against soldiers ( considering that I am married to one)  but the thought that I would be seeing them less while they are studying until they become full-fledged soldiers NEVER appealed to me.

My children and their dad.
My children and their dad, Col. Ruben Guinolbay.

Anyway, the reason why I bought them these pellet guns was simply to  provide them an alternative hobby. Considering it’s Christmas time, going to the TaeKwonDo gym is very discouraging given the horrendous traffic. As their mom, I am responsible for taking care of their eyes. Every time we go to my parents’ house, my boys can’t get enough of gadgets.  My parents’ house is actually a gaming zone with free wifi. Further,  my cousin Dino gave them SEGA console each.  Anyway, being the supportive mom that I am, I printed them gun targets  which I posted all over the garden.  Look at these pictures:

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My first born, RG, is testing his sniper gun. My other son, MM looks on.
 This is my younger son Miguel, firing his sniper gun.
This is my younger son Miguel, firing his sniper gun.

As a toy advocate, I encourage  the use of toys to reach  out to children. I am fortunate  to grow up in  a place surrounded by gardens. The environment is very ideal for children. My father who is himself an officer, bought four contiguous lots and surrounded them with  walls.  When we were children we also used the place to fire air guns.  Now that I am a mom, to bond with my kids, I bought a pellet gun for myself.

This is my pistol/pellet gun.
Mm is trying  my pistol/pellet gun.

Are you like me, an adult who never gets enough of toys? Sometimes I feel guilty because I  buy toys not only for my children but for myself as well.  A reminder though, even if these are mere toy guns, playing with pellet guns should  be  adult supervised. By adult supervision, meaning I have to be present whenever they play with these guns. Now that’s my perfect excuse to get a toy gun for myself.

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